Frequently Asked Questions


Why Hot & Warm Classes?

For our Hot Yoga Classes we use infrared heaters that are a form of thermal heat that have been scientifically proven to benefit those with injuries as well as promote an increase cellular metabolism. Infrared heaters enable increased circulation, stimulating your lymphatic system and are ideal for detoxing the body.

Our hot yoga classes are heated to a safe 34 degrees celsius (°C). Warm classes are heated to 26 degrees celsius.

Please make sure to always hydrate.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

  • Infrared heat prepares and opens the body (muscles) up for physical exercise.
  • Stimulates metabolism and aims to increased circulation & oxygenation of the blood as well as and detoxification.
  • Helps breakdown and eliminates fats, toxins, cellulite and chemicals from the body.
  • Cultivates a healthy immune system, by helping to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Increases and strengthens cardio fitness.
  • Weight loss

How hot are the classes?
Warm classes are heated to 25c and hot classes are heated to 34c.

What do I need to bring to class?
All you need to bring is yourself 🙂 Please wear comfortable clothes, you’re welcome to bring a water bottle and towel especially if it’s a hot class. All Mats, blocks & straps are complimentary.

I’m a beginner and new to yoga, what classes are best to begin with?
The best classes to commence with are either the Slow & Restore or Yin classes, these are set at a slower pace enabling you to become familiar with the poses. Those who have a consistent exercise/sports regime are welcome to try the warmer dynamic classes.

Can I bring my child to class?
Yes, children from the age of 10 and over are welcome to join the classes. However, the classes aren’t specifically designed for children. Please be mindful of other clients in the class, part of the practice of yoga is to be able to sit still and hold focus.

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